Enjoy the Sporting Life

Through the years many people discover horse racing and betting on horse races and decide to try to make a living or at least a profit from their bets. It seems like such a fun way to make money. An enjoyable day at the track, trying to decipher the mysteries of each race and to pick winners, it all seems so idyllic.

It usually starts with a little luck at first, commonly called beginner’s luck. There is nothing like cashing a ticket that you bought for a few bucks and getting more money back to start the fires of greed burning. Perhaps greed is too strong a word with negative connotations beyond what is actually going on with most race track goers, but the desire for easy money does fuel a lot of interest in horse racing. That is an unfortunate situation.

First of all, you learn very quickly that consistently picking winners and making money betting on horse racing is not easy. The harder you try, the harder it seems to become. You wonder why it seemed so easy at first and how you ever won. It is because luck does play a part in horse racing handicapping, but also, and more importantly, so does skill, discipline, and hard work.

If you really want to learn how to handicap horse races and to make money betting on horses you have to work at it and develop your skill. It is no different than any other skill such as playing a piano, ballroom dancing, playing poker. It is sometimes called an intellectual sport. In order to make a profit at it you’ll have to learn how to find a good bet, because that is really what it is all about.

If you only focus on the money, however, you will miss a lot of entertainment and fun, because following the horses, trainers, jockeys and all the drama and human and animal interest stories is part of what is known as the sporting life. Whether you actually ever get to make a living by betting on horses, you will enjoy an interesting world of real life heroes and athletes, both the four footed and two legged.

While the money is important, if you manage to keep it all in perspective and don’t go overboard, you will enjoy it much more and discover why so many people choose the sporting life, going to horse races, and participating in other intellectual sports.